Radio Rabbit

Somewhere in a world humans will never reveal, a rabbit with his much more intelligent eye want to beat their boredom.

So they spontaneously decide to save the world from the invasion of gigantic creatures. Amoebas flocking to the environment und hunting our heroes. But there are not only these risks, the isles and caves have also their drawbacks: dangerous tentacles from unknown creatures and many confusing ways try to make your life hard. Find the golden key and save yourself by opening the portal.

Help Rabbit and Eye to stay alive in a radioactive world and get the key before the bomb explodes. Rabbit cannot attack and Eye cannot move so work together!

The Game

Rabbit and Eye are bored so they decide to play a game. They travel with a big bomb through a radioactive world and have to complete the levels as quickly as possible to prevent the end of the planet.

The world consists of islands full of trees, mushrooms and spikes. The dark environment is flashed by a lot of lanterns, which are spread about the whole levels. Amoebas, tentacles and other creatures are the main species, which are not amused about the presence of Rabbit and his Eye. There are different themed levels with bosses to defeat before entering every new sector. The uploaded demo version of the game consists of a tutorial, three mystic levels with their boss Sir Schwobbel and one fancy ice level. In the future next levels will be unlocked by completing previous levels. A possible further development comes into consideration for us next year.



A blind Rabbit, who is flying on a cloud through a radioactive world. On the one hand he can move fast but on the other he doesn’t know where to go. His strengths are using a shield and destroying walls with the boost function.

The eye is connected with the rabbit only by veins and has its own brain. In spite of his limited movement, it can shoot slime and has an excellent knowledge about super shots. Furthermore it has a mental ability, which is helpful to find the right way (Vision).
Gameplay and Game objective:

You have to help Rabbit and Eye traveling through the radioactive world. While Player 1 control Rabbit, Player 2 cares about Eye. You can do it only together but be careful with the time! Defeat as many enemies as you can to get a higher highscore but the main target is to get the golden key and entering the exit. If the time is up or you get hit by enemies too often, the bomb will explode and the game is over. Every Level has its own timer. On the way to the exit, you can get different items (shield, health or super shot), which will help you to master every section. By passing the items, you collect them and they show up in the HUD. The maximum of shield and super shot in the HUD are limited by one piece, while the players can have up to four common lifes. Some items are hidden behind destructible walls or in narrow passages. Rabbit can destroy the walls by using his boost and only Eye can enter the narrow passages.

By killing enemies and fast entering the exit both players get a common score, which is shown in the highscore. If enemies get defeatet by bigger explosions or the super shot, you gain extra points. Furthermore many more actions like destroying a wall or picking up an item give points to raise your score.

Marcel Schmidt

Programming, Development

Lea Kronenberger

Level Design, 2D Art & Animation,
Technical Art & VFX

Nicole Schütte

Level Design, 2D Art & Animation,
Character Design

Emilia Pastore

UI & Logo Design, Web Development

Alexander Brüning

Level Design, 2D Art & Animation

Larissa Moritz

2D Art & Animation


With fun, crazy ideas and a lot of motivation we developed a fantastic game to entertain you.

We six Students came together to design the first version of Radio Rabbit as part of a study week. Later we decided to expand the original student project for publishing.

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